Congratulations on your decision to marry!  This is an exciting time for you, your family, and for the Church.  By choosing to marry, you have chosen to embark on a great journey of faith.  Perhaps you have not looked at it in this light.  Nonetheless, that is what it is.  God created marriage in the very act of creation, as a means to increase the human family, provide loving companionship, and to be a living symbol of the covenant that God desired with His people.


Even in the Old Testament, marriage was a sign of the covenant that God made with His people Israel.  Christ Jesus has gone even further, endowing marriage between two baptized persons with the nature of a Sacrament, making it specifically an image of the supernatural marriage between Christ and His Beloved Spouse - the Church.


Therefore, your love and future marriage are gifts of God the Father to you and the whole Church.  Through your openness to love uncondi­tionally, you will remind the Church and the whole world of the uncondi­tional love between Christ and the Church.  Through your faithful love until death you are a sign of the eternal faithful love of Christ and the Church.  Through your openness to cooperate with God’s creative action in the gift of new life, the Church herself grows, and you are a sign of the fruitfulness of the marriage of Christ and the Church.  That marriage bears new life in the fount of Baptism and the other sacraments, above all in the Holy Eucharist.


The preparation required at St. Edward is not intended to make it difficult to marry.  On the contrary, it is intended to help you enter more deeply into the covenant of marriage; so that your relationship as husband and wife, father and mother may bear abundant fruit in a happy lifelong communion of life and love.  As you may remem­ber, every sacrament requires preparation.  You prepared for First Holy Communion and for Confirmation.  A priest spends four to eight years preparing to serve the Church. It is only logical that some real preparation would be needed for those entering the Holy Sacrament of Marriage


Please call the Parish Office at (951) 549-6000 x. 200 to set your appointment with our Priest/Deacon and begin your Marriage Prep Process.