Liturgical Ministers

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Lectors, Welcoming Ministry/Ushers, Sacristans, ,Altar Servers, Arts & Environment or Liturgical Music Ministers


Liturgical Ministers are people, clergy and laity alike, who worked to lead all people to full, active and conscience participation and appreciation of the liturgy. We as Liturgical Ministers must continue this vision as we celebrate the Catholic faith in our parish of St. Edward as well as throughout the San Bernardino Diocese, sending Catholic Christians out to spread the mission of Christ in their daily living. It is essential that the laity recognize and affirm their role as a minister, as baptized Christians, in the building up of the Church. Priests in the Diocese of San Bernardino often travel from one parish to another to celebrate weekday Masses as well as the Sunday Eucharist. It is becoming increasingly more important that the clergy rely on the assistance of well informed lay leaders, Liturgical Ministers, that can assist and carry out the many aspects of liturgical preparation and the formation and training of liturgical ministers.


For Diocesan Training Schedules please check out the Diocesan Worship Office Website:

To participate in any of the training please get pre-approved by the Liturgical Office prior to signing up with any class.


If God is calling you or if you feel  you are interested in becoming a Lay Liturgical Minister as a Welcoming Ministry/Ushers, Lector, Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, as an Altar Server, a Sacristan or a member of our beautiful Choirs,, please contact the Parish Office (951)549-6000 or by clicking the Visit & Contact us button above.

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